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SatNav Points-of-Interest collector (v2.93)

If you find this page useful, or you consider it to be a worthwhile cause, you may consider making a small donation towards the upkeep and running of the site. Thank you.

This page was created to enable people to collaborate in the creation of satellite Navigation Points-of-Interest files for the likes of TomTom Satellite Navigation systems and similar. At the present time, the database contains the locations of Disabled (Blue Badge) parking bays and Radar Key toilets, Shopmobility Centres and Pubs and Bars.
The facility is provided for free and the files created are also provided for free. (The database and its contents remain ©GonMad, No Original Thought and Dan Gibson)
In order to add a location to the database, you must supply two pieces of information. These are the location/position in Lat/Long format (to get the position, you simply place the marker on the GoogleMap below right!) and a description of the point. The requirements for the description are different depending on what type of POI you are adding, and info will be displayed when you select the type in the drop-down list.
The GoogleMap on the right of this page is provided to enable you to retrieve the Lat/Long data for the location you are adding.
All we ask is that you enter only valid information.
Thank you.
Collaborative Satellite Navigation PoI file database
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Postcode lookup provided by: GeoNames
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Point of Interest (PoI) type:

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Quick Start | Using the map | Adding locations | Updating locations | Deleting Locations | Using the files on your SatNav


This tab will give you guidance on how to use this system to add new locations for each of the PoI types in our database.

Please select which topic you need guidance on from the selection above.

We'd suggest starting with 'Quick Start' or 'Using the map' if you have never used GoogleMaps before...

Print map of the displayed area:
Download PoI file for your SatNav / computer:

Save this file to the map directory of your SatNav device or to your PC for later conversion and/or transfer.


PoI icons for your device:

BMP version

GIF version

PNG version
Right click icon and save to map directory of your SatNav device.

Stay up to date automatically with POI Edit:
You can now make sure you always have the latest, most up to date information from our databases by using Dnote software's free POI Edit. This software will allow you to update your device directly from the internet with our latest data. You can also keep up to date with any of a number of other POI databases.
Our 'POI Edit' URL is http://www.gonmad.co.uk/satnav/POIEdit_data.xml.php

Mobile / On The Road downloads:
TomTom users with internet access from their device (eg Smartphone or connected PDA users) can download updates of these PoI databases directly to their device while on the road by pointing their mobile web browser to http://www.gonmad.co.uk/satnav/gettomtom.
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UK Postcode or Place name:

Unfortunately map browsing and editing of Blue Badge spaces and other PoIs is not currently possible.

Google recently changed the way their mapping system works and in the process broke BlueBadgeParking.com and GonMad PoIs. We are working on a new, improved version of the site and hope to have something working soon.

In the meantime, downloads will still work without problems (see left).


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