most important!
"Which is the more girly drink, Tea or Coffee?"

Before you answer this question, I'd like you to take the following into consideration:

Coffee is girly...
  • Coffee is drunk at coffee mornings, an event especially designed by women to drink coffee and talk about girly things.
Tea is girly...
  • Coffee can be taken with a shot of whiskey or other spirits, whereas tea can be taken with lemon.
  • The phrase "More tea vicar?".
  • Coffee is drunk from a mug, tea is drunk from a nice pretty china cup, with a saucer.

I'm sure you can see the importance of settling this age old debate once and for all, so please use the survey form on the right to cast your vote. All it takes is two clicks, and pretty soon we will know how the world feels!
You can even add your comments about why coffee or tea is more girly in our guest book.


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