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Made on Amiga officially closed on 13th August 2004.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been involved with Made on Amiga over the last seven and a half years.

It's been fun and rewarding but the Amiga community has continued to dwindle and MoA's traffic has been tailing off significantly.

It came to the point where I fealt the time required to maintain the database became so disproportionate to the service that the site was providing and the audience the site was receiving that it was no longer practical to maintain the site as a live database.

I am providing access to the full list of sites as listed in the database as of 5th August 2004. Unfortunately, you may find a number of these sites no longer exist - this is one of the reasons that MoA became such a labour to look after.

You will also notice that most of the menu links are now disabled, however as there are very few sources for Amiga merchandise these days, we have left the MoA store open so you may still buy the MoA branded bits and pieces.

The Yahoo! group is also still open, but will be closed by the end of 2004.

  • Access the full alphabetical list of sites as of 6th August 2004 [here].
    Note this list contains over 900 sites and so is quite a large download.
  • You can access the unvetted list of unreviewed new submissions as of 6th August 2004 [here].

Once again, thank you to everyone who made MoA what it was.
GonMad, the parent site of MoA is still alive and well, and has other sites you may be interested in.

Dan Gibson
MoA Webmaster
August 13th 2004

...& Goodbye. Made on Amiga Made on Amiga
Made on Amiga is ©1997-2004 Dan Gibson, GonMad, and No Original Thought. All rights reserved.