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GPS NMEA data to Google Map converter (v4.0)

This page allows you to paste captured raw NMEA data from your GPS device, and generates a Google Map with track markers from that data.
The conversion is all performed by JavaScript and is therefore all client side. That means that your GPS data is NOT sent to our server for processing.
The fact that all processing is performed client-side means that clicking the 'Filter' button below is pretty processor intensive, and during the filtering your CPU use may hit 100% for a while. This is normal.
Once your raw data is filtered, pressing the 'Generate Map' button will generate the map and track. (This may also take a while depending on how many track points need to be plotted)
GPS NMEA Data to Google Maps Display
NMEA Data Capture:

Minimum satellites required for good fix:
Minimum time between fixes:

Filter information:
   Essential fix data found: 0

Essential Fix data (filtered from above):

   Latitude =        
   Longitude =        
GMap will appear here...

Track points:
Show marker for selected track point? (Click marker for full info)
Hide selected track point marker while animating?

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