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 About the shop

So, what's all this about? A shop on the GonMad website.. why on earth would there be one of those?

Well, the answer is quite simple really... to bring you the .net's best bargains...

We have a few of our own items for sale, some of which are site related (MailFool and MoA), and some of which are purely for the fun of it. But rather than just sell you our own stuff we are bringing you links to the best places to get whatever you are after...

So, whether its accessories for your mobile phone (covers, face-plates, hands-free, data-cables, batteries etc), or something out of the oridinary that you want to bid for, we are going to try to find you someone who can do you the best deal on the web!

Note: GonMad does not supply any of these products, we are simply advertising the services of these companies. We can therefore not guarante the quality of service. See each company's own terms and conditions before ordering any service. Let us know if you have any problems with any company advertised on a GonMad site.

GonMad items are supplied direct by

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MailFool Items
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Made on Amiga Items
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Printer and Computer supplies

Half off Retail! Click Now!
Save between 50% and 75% on your inkjet supplies. All major brands catered for. Simply unbelievable prices.

Mr Ink Man
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Again all major printer brands catered for. Again unbelievable prices.

Telephone and Mobile Phone stuff

Cell phone shop

 Search Accessories For Your Cell Phone guarantee low prices.

Cheap mobile phone accessories. They guarantee the cheapest prices for data cables, batteries, face-plates, hands-free kits, and all the other accessories they supply. They will even ship to the UK for the same price as their US shipping, and their prices including shipping are still cheaper than any UK company I have found!

Nokia 3510i - Colour Screen!
Latest offers from o2, what was BT Cellnet.

Home and Electrical stuff

In Association with In Association with
Amazon isn't just about books and CDs, you can also get great deals on electrical items and things for the home and kitchen. Go have a dig around.
Online shopping is easy with Comet
The retail estate electrical superstore online and with some special web deals to be had.

Travel and stuff


Search for cheap flights, cheap car hire, cheap hotels, and cheap package holidays.

flybe.'s Great City Break Sale
Finally, GonMad is able to bring you FlyBE - the low cost airline that probably operates from an airport very near you! They seem to be everywhere these days, and that's why GonMad wanted to get on board with them (pardon the pun).


Search for cheap flights, cheap car hire, cheap hotels, and cheap package holidays.

Music and Video


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