version 1.0
by Dan Gibson
A multi-format clock with time synchronisation
Supports many different time and date formats including Julian Date, MJD (both Decimal and DVB), TJD, Unix (Decimal and Hex), Internet @Beats, GPS, Atomic and more.

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MultiClock is a desktop clock (or system tray icon) capable of displaying the current date and time in more than a dozen different formats. It can also be synchronised to an internet time server (RFC868) and can be easily configured to synchronise your PC clock to the internet time server.
MultiClock runs on Win9x, Windows® ME, and Windows® NT.
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  • Very simple to use.
  • Supports many date/time formats including Gregorian Julian Date/Time, MJD, TJD, GPS, Atomic Time, Internet @Beats and more.
  • Local or UTC time.
  • Time synchronisation to RFC868 time servers.
  • PC clock synchronisation.
  • Compact GUI (can display either formatted or gregorian date time, or both).
  • Can run 'invisible' in the system tray (icon indicates synch status and displays current formatted time as a tool-tip).
You can download and use MultiClock for free. We'd like to know who is using downloading the software so please complete this short form, then click download. Unregistered versions of MultiClock will exit after two hours.

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We only want to know who is downloading the software. Neither your name nor email address will be passed to any other person.

Alternatively, MultiClock is available from various software download sites, including
You should be able to find a current list of servers which support the RFC868 time protocol at the
NIST website in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The files should be saved in the MultiClock install directory.

Alternatively, you can right-click here to download a copy of our latest servers.txt file.
Note: This may not be very up-to-date, and if you can, it is recommended you try the NIST site above for current information.
MultiClock is ShareWare. This means that you may distribute copies of MultiClock freely (so long as no charge is made for the software).
However, the software should be registered if you intend to keep it. The software is still fully functional without registration, although it will exit after two hours and must be manually restarted.
You should register MultiClock on-line. There are four different levels of registration.

Single User 10 user Corporate Distribution

5.00 GBP

40.00 GBP

250.00 GBP

1000.00 GBP
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If you don't have a PayPal account yet when you click the button above to pay, you will be guided through the simple steps to set up an account.
For alternative payment methods please email

For more information of the terms of each registration type, see the 'Registration' section of the MultiClock help file.
Registration is via secure ordering system.
Known bugs
Version 1.0 of MultiClock currently has no known bugs. Please e-mail if you think you have found a bug.
MJD Calculator
If you have an interest in time and dates, you may also be interested in MJD Calculator, another small tool by the author of MultiClock.
MJD Calculator is a simple to use GUI based tool for converting between gregorian, MJD, and Unix date/times. It supports both decimal and DVB format MJD and is accurate to 10 decimal places in the decimal format. In regular time it is millisecond or frame accurate (25 or 30 fps selectable).
MJD Calculator is available for download from the main GonMad software page.

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