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Blue Badge Parking .com
BlueBadgeParking.com is a GonMad created site system that allows you to download and print maps of Blue Badge (Disabled) parking spaces around the world.
What's more, the database of parking spaces can be downloaded staright into your SatNav system to enable you to navigate directly to the closest space!
And, as if that's not enough, you can add any spaces that we don't have listed yet, thereby helping to keep the database as up to date as possible.
Even if you have no use for a Blue Badge Parking database, please visit this site and add any locations that we don't know about - you'll be greatly helping those not as mobile as yourself.
GonMad provides the system absolutely free of charge!

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GonMad SatNav POIs and maps
In addition to the blue badge parking spaces database listed above, the GonMad SatNav database also includes a bunch of other POI databases - again all of which can be added to and editted by site visitors.
The POI files can be downloaded straight onto your SatNav or printed to take with you.

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The Geordie iPhone is finally here, and GonMad has the exclusive advert!

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Cheap International Phone Calls
Ever need to call abroad?
GonMad is pleased to be able to offer you cheap international phone calls to loads and loads of countries - usually including mobile numbers.
Use our handy rate and number finder here...

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PDA Friendly Sites
Access to GonMad sites which have been specifically designed to be viewed on a PDA or SmartPhone.

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GigPics is where you can view photos of bands taken by everyday people like yourself. Real pictures. That's pictures taken by Joe Public. You can also submit your own photos from gigs, festivals and the like, and have them displayed here.
It's the place where you get to see pictures of your favourite bands that you otherwise wouldn't get to see!


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JEDI Census
The mail has been around the world, but now GonMad bring you the website!
The email urged people in both New Zealand and he UK to enter 'Jedi' as their religion on their 2001 census forms. This site tracks the progress of the 'campaign', and the history of the email.

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MailFool - Prank e-mail system
Send e-mail to freinds or colleagues and make those e-mails appear to be from someone else!

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Buddy Test
Find out just how well your friends really know you.
Simply answer 10 questions about yourself, and then select up to 10 friends you want to test. The friends are then sent an email inviting them to take up your Buddy Test challenge. The results are displayed for them and emailed to you to see how well they know you.

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Mal Function
Mal Function is a FREE service from GonMad for webmasters.
By adding a simple piece of HTML code to your web pages, a logo will be added (there is a choice) which when clicked will take the viewer to a ready made form for reporting any errors on your web site. The sign-up page even creates the customised HTML code for you and e-mails it to your nominated webmaster address !
The beauty of Mal Function is that the form already knows which page to report the error on (this works with most browsers, but IS browser dependant), and you don't have to bother writing forms, as Mal Function does it all for you.
The errors are reported by e-mail in an easy to read, pre-formatted message, containing all the information you need. It even prioritizes the e-mail if necessary !
Mal Function is THE easiest way to get errors reported on your web site, and its completely FREE !

The GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary
I finally got around to updaing this area, and hopefully will do a bit more frequently now.
What is it ? Its a dictionary of the Cumbrian dialect. Presented in a 'not very serious' way, you should find it an entertaining look at the way us northerners speak, like.
If you have seen the BBC's "The Lakes", then you have been mislead. Some of the accents aren't bad, but I haven't heard a single mention of "marras", "charvers", "choring", or "folks gittin shant". If that means nowt t'ya - read on...

GonMad Software [Download page requires JavaScript enabled]
Download the infamous 'Nasty' fake formatting prank !
The software page has a couple of programmes to download including a file splitting utility (dsplit) and Nasty. Nasty, when installed on a PC, sits dormant until the next time the machine is booted. When booted, Nasty steps in and pretends to format the hard drive of the machine ! Its very convincing and very easy to use. When the 'format' is finished, the machine sits at a prompt which claims not to understand any command. The beauty comes when the machine is rebooted again and everything is back as it was, with no trace of Nasty having ever been there ! [ We sugest you read the readme file included with the archive before using Nasty. ]
DSplit is a very useful utility for splitting large files into smaller files for storage or transporting on floppy disks etc. It is a very simple to use and versatile tool which can be run from a DOS command line, or from within windows with the included .pif files and icon.
You can now also download 'The Engineer's Decision Maker' - try it, it's a bit of a laugh!
If you download software from GonMad, it is free, but please fill out the registration to let us know you have a copy - thanks

My Current C.V / Resume [ Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ]
Just what it says. This is my current C.V. detailing my qualifications and work experience among other things.
Please take a look and feel free to contact me for more information.

Report Errors WARNING: May contains nuts.    NOTICE: Can help weght loss only as part of a calorie controlled diet.
The judges decision is final.

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